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The Feuerstein-Bassou International Training Academy

The Feuerstein-Bassou International Training Academy online is the place to discover how to become a certified Feuerstein practitioner.

For over thirty five years, the Feuerstein Institute has trained thousands of professionals across the globe in the Feuerstein Method. Due to its adaptability and ease of use, the method has been employed in a number of environments and populations. It is used as a clinical tool to help patients overcome disabilities; in educational institutions as a part of the curriculum; to assist employees in adapting to occupations demands. The applications for the method are endless, and we are constantly developing new paradigms to keep up with the demand in this dynamic and every changing world.

Discover Feuerstein – become certified in the method that has the ability to both slowdown and prevent dementia in the elderly and help students from underprivileged backgrounds gain entrance to top universities. Find a local authorized training center in your area. Learn how to apply the Feuerstein Method to the educational system; become a Feuerstein Franchised Training Center or Feuerstein Franchised Treatment Center.

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Professor Reuven Feuerstein (1921-2014) Professor Feuerstein was the Founder and Chairman of the Feuerstein Institute. A clinical, developmental and cognitive psychologist, he is responsible for the vision, concepts, practices and substance of wha...
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